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- Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle Assy, Transaxle Assy, Optional Seal & Gaskets (more details)
- Includes Powertrain Coverage Plus: Power Steering, Basic Electrical, Towing, Substitute Transportation (more details)
- Includes Powertain & Classic Coverage Plus: Air Conditioning and Hi-Tech Electrical (more details)
- Includes Powertrain, Classic & Vintage Coverage Plus: Seals and Gaskets, Brakes, Front/Rear Suspension, Cooling (more details)

When you make an investment it is always wise to take a good look at ways of protecting that investment. At Cook Motor Company we are proud to offer you that extra peace of mind in an extended service plan through AUL. There are varying levels of coverage and some include several additional benefits in addition to the repair coverage. So don't leave your investment to chance, take the extra precaution get coverage and benefits for those unforeseen circumstances. Talk with any of our sales staff today about the right AUL warranty coverage for you.

24-hour Roadside assistance benefits include towing service, flat tire change, emergency gas delivery, battery jump service, key lockout service and substitute transportation in the event of a covered breakdown. This page is meant only to provide a general description, the actual contract should be reviewed for complete description of coverage and details.


General Overview of Each Coverage Package


ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts. Crank-shaft and bearings, oil pump, fuel pump, internal timing gears or chain, camshaft, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies and push rods, valve guides, pistons and rings, wrist pins, connecting rods, distributor drive gear. The engine block and cylinder heads are covered if damage is caused by mechanical failure of an internally lubricated part ENGINE (Rotary): All of the above listed parts plus rotors, rotor seals, rotor chamber, eccentric shaft and bearings.

TRANSMISSION: The internal parts of the manual transmission or automatic transmission and torque converter. The automatic or manual transmission case is covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY (Front or Rear): Drive axle housing including pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, ring and pinion gears, carrier assembly, thrust washers, axles, axle bearings, constant velocity joints, internal transaxle seal, and drive axle housing, if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY: Ring and pinion gears, drive chain and gears, carrier bearings, and bushings. Transaxle housing and internal seals are covered, if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

SEALS AND GASKETS: Seals and gaskets are covered when replaced in conjunction with a covered repair or if the “Seals and Gaskets Coverage” option has been selected

ALL POWERTRAIN COVERAGE plus: Internal parts including bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains, sleeves, and gears (excluding electrical items). The transfer case is also covered if damage is caused by a failure of an internally lubricated part.

Powertrain Coverage Plus~

POWER STEERING: Steering gear box, pump housing, rack and pinion, control valves, bearings, and shafts.

BASIC ELECTRICAL: Alternator/generator, starter motor, front and rear wiper motor.

TOWING: The Administrator will reimburse the Service Contract Holder, up to $50.00 per occurrence, for expenses in towing the vehicle, provided that the cause of the breakdown was a covered failure of a covered component based on the coverage plan selected. This reimbursement will be in addition to any other reimbursement from an insurance company or auto club. Towing benefits are available from day one (1) of your Contract.

RENTAL CARS/SUBSTITUTE TRANSPORTATION: The Administrator will reimburse the Service Contract Holder for the cost as specified below, provided that the vehicle has become disabled due to a covered failure of a covered component based on the coverage plan selected and the necessary repairs require more than eight (8) hours of labor. Reimbursement shall be made up to $30.00 per 8-hour labor charge, with a $90.00 maximum per claim. Rental benefits are available from day one (1) of the Vehicle Service Contract. Reimbursement is valid only for rental from a licensed car rental agency.

Powertrain & Classic Coverage Plus~

AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, and receiver drier. NOTE: If the air conditioning system is unable to be repaired because of the unavailability or restriction of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) due to the Federal Mandate, then the Administrator does not have any further obligation for repair under this Service Contract. In addition, there is no obligation to install a retrofit kit in the vehicle that would require the use of any alternate to CFCs.
HI-TECH ELECTRICAL: Voltage regulator, distributor, solenoids, manually operated switches, electronic level control compressor including its sensor and limiter valve, electronic fuel injection sensors and injectors, electronic ignition module, power window motors, rear window heating elements, power mirror motors and controls, power seat motors, and power door locks.

Powertrain, Classic & Vintage Coverage Plus~

SEALS AND GASKETS: This coverage option is included on vehicles with less than 100,00 miles at Vehicle Purchase Effective date

BRAKES: Master cylinder, power brake cylinder, vacuum assist booster, hydro boost, disc brake caliper, wheel cylinders, compensating valve, brake hydraulic lines and fittings, and hydraulic control unit. The following ABS Components are covered: Electronic control processor, wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pump/motor assembly, pressure modulator valve, isolation dump valve, and accumulator.

FRONT/REAR SUSPENSION: Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bearings or bushings, upper and lower ball joints, radius arm and bushings, torsion bars and mounts or bushings, stabilizer bars, links and bushings, struts, strut bearing plates, spindle and spindle support, wheel bearings, variable dampening suspension, compressor, control module, actuator, solenoid, height sensor, and mode selector switch.

COOLING: Engine cooling fan and motor, fan clutch, serpentine belt tensioner, radiator, heater core, water pump, thermostat, blower motor, and hot water valve.







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