How to Control Pet Fur from Accumulating in the Interior of Your Car

With no doubt, many people have a favorite pet they take care of. Some common pets that humans associate with include dogs, cats, and rabbits. It is not a surprise to see people also walking around with their pets.

If you own a car, and you have a pet, you likely travel with it in several of your rides. Of course, pets give the best company. Unfortunately, pets tend to shed their fur more frequently. To remove this fur might be a challenge to the majority of the car owners. For this reason, Cook Motor Company helps you with fur cleaning tips because they believe you should be an informed car owner.

Tips to Remove Pet Fur in Your Car Upholstery
  • Use of rubber gloves or balloons. When rubber is vigorously rubbed in leather, it produces static electricity that attracts pet hair.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a rubber bristle brush. The rubber brush works the same way rubber balloons and gloves work.


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