Auto Knowledge by Cook Motor Company - The Differences Between 4H and 4L

Ladson shoppers who have vehicles with four-wheel drive get enhanced grip on challenging terrain. It comes in handy when you're driving on slippery surfaces or through deep mud, and you can maximize your four-wheel drive system if you know when to use 4L and 4H.

When the roads are snowy, icy, or wet, 4H may be the most suitable setting. This setting lets you drive at faster speeds than 4L but still transfers torque to all four wheels for an improved grip. 4H is used more than 4L and lets drivers go up to 55 mph when the road conditions allow.

4L sends more torque to the wheels than 4H, which maximizes power and grip. Most drivers use 4L when they're powering through deep mud, water, or sand. It's also used for rock climbing and getting through deep snow. You should keep your vehicle under 10 mph when you're in this setting.


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