A Basic Explanation of Towing vs. Payload

If you own a truck in Ladson, you likely bought it to be able to haul and tow in addition to moving you from place to place. To make the most of your truck's capabilities, it's essential to understand the difference between what it can tow, or its towing capacity, versus what it can haul, or its payload capacity. We at Cook Motor Company offer this straightforward explanation.

To understand payload, think of your truck on the day you bought it, completely empty and clean. Everything you have carried or stored in it since that day has been part of the payload. Payload refers to the total weight that the truck can haul anywhere in its body, including the bed. This metric compares to towing capacity, which measures how much weight your truck can pull, whether using a standard hitch or a gooseneck hitch.

No matter what your truck is capable of, it takes quality service to keep it running at its best. Stop by our service center to restore the like-new performance that you depend on.



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