Tire Care Tips: Tread & Pressure

Caring for your tires throughout the year is essential preventative maintenance. You can care for your tires by staying updated on your vehicle’s tread and pressure. Doing so will help prevent tire blow outs, unexpected flats, and putting yourself in danger.

If your vehicle does not have a tire pressure monitor, then you can start monitoring your tire pressure regularly by using a self-serve tire pressure machine. When checking your vehicle’s pressure, you should ensure that it is in the range that your vehicle’s manufacture recommends. Checking your tire tread is also easy and cost effective to do.

In order to check your tire tread, you will need a penny. Start off by placing the penny placing the penny within the tire’s groove. If you can see the head of the penny, then your tires should be replaced. Moreover, if you are sure, stop by our service department!



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