Truck Cab Styles Explained Simply

We here at Cook Motor Company are continually surprised by the confusion surrounding truck cab styles. The confusion is understandable. There are a handful of styles, but different manufacturers have different names for them. Here's a basic breakdown.

Regular, Extended, Double and Crew

Regular cab, or standard, is the traditional two-door country-style pickup with no rear seat. Extended cab is a slightly longer regular cab with front-hinged and rear-hinged front and rear doors. Limited space behind the rear doors provides a storage option or room for a jump seat. The rear doors, called "suicide" doors, only open after you open the front doors. Unlike regular and extended, double cab (called "quad" by Ram) has four front-hinged doors and a rear seat with some leg room. Crew cab boasts four front-hinged, full-sized doors and a full rear seat.


Mega and CrewMax refer to the same style, although GMC calls this style "crew." Mega epitomizes a beefed-up everyday pickup, with four front-hinged doors, rear seating, storage space behind the rear seats and a slightly shorter bed.



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