Infotainment is Keeping you Connected

Vehicles these days come with so much technology as standard car manufacturers have had to come up with ways to make all of these features easy to use. This is where your car's infotainment comes in. It bundles up all of the features and functions of your car into one accessible space. Here at Cook Motor Company, we want you to know how to use all of the functions of your vehicle.

Infotainments are usually controlled by screens using touch sensitivity or rotary dials. The infotainment systems can control basic car functions like climate control, the clock and the radio. They can also have more advanced features like Bluetooth, navigation, and phone mirroring. The more advanced your car's infotainment system is, the more features and functions it will be able to control.

If you want to learn more about vehicle infotainment systems feel free to visit our dealership in Ladson. We have a very knowledgeable staff that would like to show you all of the tech features of our new models and have you take one for a test drive.



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