Importance of Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors and How They Work

One of the key safety features on vehicles today, auto-dimming rearview mirrors have become a near standard. At Cook Motor Company, we are excited to bring you the process on how these devices work to inform you when making your next vehicle purchase.

Having a vehicle behind you at night that is reflecting its bright headlights off of your rearview mirror can be especially dangerous as it can slow your reaction time substantially. Auto-dimming mirrors correct this by reducing the visible glare through a darkening of the mirror.

This process is known as electrochromism and usually involves to sensors that are used to detect the light hitting the mirror and work with a microprocessor. This microprocessor then charges a substance known as electrochromic gel, a material that begins in a transparent state and when charged begins to darken. As the gel darkens between the two pieces of glass that make up the mirror, it in turn reduces the visible glare reflected back at you.

With this new knowledge, we at Cook Motor Company hope it has given you further insight into future vehicle purchases. Our staff is on hand to set you up with a test drive today and let you try out this safety feature for yourself.


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